Diana Hydock's art works have sold nationwide for over 30 years, bringing bold colors, whimsical features and joy to thousands of people for their homes and private collections. Pieces are designed to bring joy to the heart and smiles to the face.                  

"My greatest inspirations have been my mother and father, both artists and gardeners, my two talented daughters who vow never to be artists and my four grandchildren who are artists, bringing their uninhibited love of creating to the world."   Diana Hydock


"It was a pleasure discovering your incredible art work.  I love the collage I purchased more each day that I look at it."  Thanks for sharing your gift of art - you have touched my heart.

                                                 Rene D.

"Diana, we truly cherish all of your creations."

                                                  Dr. P.

"I'm inspired by both your work and your vision.

                                              Larry M.

                                                                Skye, Mikaela, Ethan, Maya


                                 Skye Rossi Age 7                     Mikaela Age 11


                                     Ethan, 9 & Maya, 6 Thompson                          Ethan Thompson, age 9